שלי זילברשטיין Shelly Silverstein

שלי זילברשטיין Shelly Silverstein

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I have over 18 years of experience working in global organizations and senior roles in the high tech industry in the following companies: Better Place,Fring ,Xlight Photonics, TIS Software,ICQ, Genesis consulting group

My experience includes senior roles as :VP Human Resources Operations, Top management consulting locally and globally and more.

Managed teams in the areas of: Human Resources, Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Organizations & Methods and Administration.

Managed the computerization of international systems such as: SAP.

Managed different phases of company such as: building up organization from 7 employees up to 400 employees, developing organizational infrastructures in various fields, high level of organization changes, high level of organization development and soft skill development.

I have Strong networking, managerial and international skills, good business understanding, good communication skills, team player


• Full recruitment cycle for discrete positions, based on wide networking
• Leading change processes – from the human and organization side
• focused on providing Human Resource Services to high tech companies’ especially Telecommunication after seed start-up young companies and business coaching services
• Specializing in the Organizational development and recruitment process services.
• Also experienced working with Venture Capital foundations.
• Interested in academic work as well, and advising corporate level top management.

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