רונית שניר Ronit Snir

רונית שניר Ronit Snir

מומחית להתנהגות ארגונית, מלווה הנהלות בארגונים ועסקים בבנייה ויישום תהליכי שינוי,תשתיות ניהוליות,בחינה מחדש של מהי הצלחה עבורנו..... רונית שניר, יעוץ ניהול
רונית שניר, יעוץו ניהול

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Organizational Behavior and Management, Consultant and Mentor.

CEO's come to me saying “...I am missing my goals and my way to achieve it... “
“I am frustrated.... wasting so much precious time stumbling around instead of developing our core business toward success… “
That is normally where my journey with organizations begin.

I work with CEO's and managements in order to bridge the gap between expected results to actual unsatisfied performance - business or personal conduct.

My vast experience and sensitive human approach is the base of my ability to diagnose the weak spots than choose the right ideas in my toolbox and offer my recommendations, always built on partnership and trust.

In the past 25 years I have been working with senior managers in tackling their business and managerial goals.

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